THE WAR THAT FAILED: The Rise and fall of the mighty UPC [Union des Populations du Cameroun] Part 1

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Thus began the bewildering spread of apocalyptic winds of “purification” of society throughout the expanse of Europe with a cold, chilling, iron fist and draconian message from the low lying Karl Marx and Frederick Engels in Marx’s classic,:das kapital”;”A spectre is haunting Europe, the spectre of COMMUNISM.” The very essence of Western Civilization was being put to a hard and destruction laden test. The Bourgeoisie had to go; destroyed and buried forever. The message that grew like a seed planted in the hearts of Marx and Engels bore fruit in London, England where the grave of Marx lies instead of Germany his adorable homeland, Deutschland.
The impending ideas of ideological attacks on the fortress of Europe became a murderous reality in the Russia of the Czars. Successive battles of wills and grabbing of power from the Czars and royalty structured with numerous Counts and Countesses, bourgeoisie,and the middle class finally boiled down to the rise of the proletarians under Lenin. The Union of Soviet Socialist  Republics [USSR] was born. The consolidation was brutal as millions perished. Vladimir Lenin,born in 1870 died in 1924 after leading the revolutions that consequently overthrew the reign of the Czars and ushered in a new concept of an Empire of classless society. The false idea of creating a new Kingdom of God on earth was now taking a structurally veil shape.

Joseph Stalin took over and even went further in his efforts to consolidate his overwhelming powers. He led the USSR in smashing the rise of Hitler and his advancing evil empire. He embarked on a great purge that saw the killings of his countrymen reach the staggering numbers of more than twenty millions people. The scourge of Europe had stated in hellish deed. He did in 1953. He had industrialized the Soviet Union and created political prisons in the Gulag Archipelago.

When Nikita Khrushchev took over the alluring magnetism had started taking hold of many rising intellectuals all over Europe. Paris was the epicenter of discourses, pamphleteer a tradition once dominated by Jean-Jacques Rousseau in the advent of the French Revolution. The great World war II had come and gone and leaving many European nations impoverished and a shadow of what mighty powers they were before. The United States of America found herself the most dominant power unscathed from the horrors of the wars that engaged them from European theaters to the diminished Empire of the Sun-god after they had attacked Pearl Harbor on the Roosevelt’s famous day of Infamy in 1941. General Eisenhower was the most powerful man in the world. Africa was on the rise as the few intellectuals groomed in Europe started clamoring for Independence.

In 1956 The English and the french attacked Egypt and reclaimed the Suez Canal from Gamal Abdul Nasser who had overthrown the King. He immediately nationalized the canal in his country but controlled by the English and the French[the French engineer Ferdinand de Lesseps had built the Suez Canal]. President Eisenhower had called on the British and the french to liquidate their Empires, he even told Winston Churchill that though the British thought and declared that their Empire would never perish the peoples in the Empires would answer Patrick Henry’s declaration,”Give me liberty or give me death”…

In the seemingly calmness of the tutorials, conferences, discussions, discourses, exchange of ideas, meetings and the highly effective Socialist International assemblies in Paris a new vision for the creation and independence of African states by Africans was being discerned. Richard Wright, Frantz Fanon, Ho Chi Minh, George Marchais, Francois Mitterrand, Salvatore Allende, Enrico Berlinguer, and many others met for days on end. Young Cameroonian intellectuals joined the fray and became converts to the great fiery ideas of Karl Marx and Lenin. The ideas at hand became ideas of Marxism-Leninism. In time Dr. Felix Moumie and the firebrand, young and powerfully laden with ever flowing ideas of the rising Socialists everywhere, coupled with the thoughts so true of Frantz fannon’s “Wretched of the Earth”, Um Nyobe met several times over many days, weeks and years to form the Union des Populations du Cameroun. Patrice Lumumba had been swept through by Dr.NKrumah’s dream of a United Africa as he declared that the Independence of Ghana will never be complete without the total liberation of Africa. Lumumba then embarked on the total liberation of the Congo from the greedy hands of king Leopold of Belgium and her supporters in the West. Jomo Kenyatta was fighting the British to free Kenya from the shackles of Colonialism while Kaunda was bellowing hard against the British in “Zambia[Southern Rhodesia] Shall be Free”. The Portuguese enclaves of Guinea Bissau, Angola, Mozambique were gathering the storms of rebellion. All Africa was on fire. Algeria was bleeding the French and Ho Chi Minh was waging a war of attrition on the French in Vietnam finally dealt them a death blow in Dien bien phu….another Waterloo and Trafalgar. The British had imprisoned Kwame Nkrumah of the Gold Coast and Jomo Kenyatta of Kenya for their violent activities against the hegemony of her majesty’s Government. The controlled organisation of elections were held and the Prisoners [Nkrumah and the great Jomo] won. At independence the Gold Coast became Ghana.

Ghana became the high point of reference to the parties with socialist leanings all over Africa. Ben Bella of the Algerian Revolutionary Movement was fast becoming a star of liberation movements all over Africa South of the Sahara.

Dr. Felix Moumie with his fearless and brave wife, a Bulu lady, Mme Ekemeyong Marthe, Um Nyobe, Mayi Matip, Ernest Ouandie, and many other young and promising Cameroonian students came together and charted the structural and imminent activities of the Union des Peuples du Cameroun. They requested and got the wholehearted support of the elders of all the other Socialist Movements whose commitment made it possible for Um Nyobe to address the United nations general Assembly. A viable,vibrant,and immensely ideological party was born and ready for action on the operational theaters of Cameroon and her peoples. The list of members included hundreds of surprisingly pro-French Cameroonians. The future of Cameroun had never been brighter with the UPC than it was at the time. Dr.Moumie’s aim of ushering in a Cameroun without the creation of a bourgeoisie class was fast becoming the ultimate lifetime of bliss for him. The wretched of the earth in Cameroun whose lands were being pillaged, exploited, and desecrated had to stop…..and echoing the words of the great American activist, Patrick Henry, “Give me liberty or give me death” he embarked on the next step…the fight to wrest independence from the French.


JAPAN 8.9 earthquake By HAARP?

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Cover of "The Core (Widescreen Edition)"

Cover of The Core (Widescreen Edition)

Before watching the Video below, be sure to understand what HAARP is all about and it’s potentials. If you haven’t please click here.

The video is an extract from the movie – The Core (2003). Note that entertainment, not matter its form be it Music, Movies, Shows, what ever, have a purpose and they are produced in a well controlled environment. The each have meanings which the pass on. But because they are just seen as entertainment, our subconscious mind doesn’t register these meanings because we believe they are just movies and talking about Witchcraft out of the Harry Potter series will be seen as insane because a greater bulk of people will see it as just “a movie”.

If you’ve already watched this movie, i’ll say you are at an advantage because you’ll get to see what you didn’t notice. After watching this, will you give the 8.9 Earthquake on Japan a second thought? As a means to take out their main source energy, their Nuclear Power plants? Well they actually did succeed in taking out some and repeating the World War 2 incident on Hiroshima and Nagasaki with the A-Bomb by the U.S again.

Food For Thought – Can you explain why Birds and Fish die in BULK at times? Remember that these creatures live in mediums of nature, Atmosphere and Water.

Nuclear crisis recalls painful memories in Hiroshima!!

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Oi Nuclear Power Plant Unit 3, Unit 4. Locatio...

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Osaka (CNN) — In Hiroshima, recent images of razed villages and burning shells of buildings in Japan‘s quake-damaged northeast are recalling painful memories of a time sixty-five years ago when an atomic bomb created similar effects in their town.

But it is the less visual aspect of this disaster the threat of nuclear fallout that has activists in Hiroshima sounding the call for a change in Japan’s approach to its supply of electricity.

“It’s like the third atomic bomb attack on Japan,” said Keijiro Matsushima, an 82-year-old survivor of the atomic bombing at Hiroshima. “But this time, we made it ourselves.”

Japan has 54 nuclear power plants nationwide, and about one-third of its electricity comes from nuclear energy. When many of these plants were built, they were designed to be in operation for thirty years, but as Japanese power companies face increasing public resistance to the construction of new plants, these plants will be operating for forty to fifty years, says Akira Tashiro.

Tashiro, a Hiroshima newspaper journalist, has specialized in stories related to nuclear energy and the effects of radiation for over 30 years. His employer, The Chugoku Shimbun, actively advocates for the elimination of nuclear weapons and has a tradition of reports that focus on issues related to nuclear power.

“This might be a good turning point,” Tashiro said about the concern over damaged nuclear plants in northeastern Japan. Tashiro is calling for the Japanese government to increase their investment in research of renewable energy resources.

“I hope Hiroshima will take a lead on this because of our own experience with the atomic bomb,” he said.

Matsushima, the bomb survivor, is worried about the people exposed to the radiation in recent days, but doesn’t see long-term viable alternatives to nuclear energy. “Unfortunately, this is a small country. Japan doesn’t have much energy. It may be a necessary evil.”

Shoji Kihara, of the Citizens’ Nuclear Information Center, believes the Japanese government is not being fully forthcoming with information about the risks facing people close to the affected nuclear plants.

“Survivors of the atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki have lived their whole lives worrying about their health, and these people will have to live the same way.” Kihara’s parents and siblings are survivors of the atomic bomb.

Kihara has written a letter to the Chugoku Power Company and asked them to suspend their plans to build a new nuclear power plant at Kaminoseki, about 80 kilometers (50 miles) from Hiroshima. He has written many letters to the power company over the years about this project, but he says he is optimistic that this will be his last.

Matsushima also believes this crisis will prove a turning point for the country as a whole. “Perhaps Japan can’t get along without nuclear power stations in the future. But Japanese power companies will have a harder time building new nuclear power plants from now on.”

Source: CNN


Is this Fact or Fiction? You be the Judge.

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Watching these videos gave me the creeps on how the Catholic Bible can be interpreted. To some extent, I am indeed impressed. To another extent, I cast a lot of doubt to the reality these two videos portray.

Watching these videos is at your own discretion for you Catholic Christians. But if you are from some other denomination, feel free. You just might learn a little more.

This first video is the first part of it all.

This here is the second video.

Science plays a very grave roll in trying to question and disprove the works of God.  But this here is different. From the knowledge gathered from the above videos, the interpretation is basically literal, more on the basis of proving facts.  Several questions pop-up. Are the facts, signs and stories true? Is this a reality or not?

Well all i can say is, lets wait and see whether our present Pope, Benedict XVI ( who according to Part 2 is the 7th on the list) will last long or not and who will eventually take after him.


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