5 Simple rules to living a Simple happy life!

November 14, 2012 § 2 Comments

May seem impossible, but it’s very achievable

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February 2, 2011 § 2 Comments

I really don’t know why, neither can i say why.  I really can’t say all, same as i do not have anything at all to say on this one. It’s so confusing, so frustrating, unbelievable and more like a dead-end where you see no other possible route to explore or create to venture.

Just like a dream where you don’t know how you got there but suddenly find yourself in a well furnished luxurious suite and the next minute, it’s like another Pandora Tomorrow scene where you don’t know whether or not your mission will be successful, man is ever so changing.

Despite all facts, one evident fact remains; Man never fails his task of being complex. In simple terms the fact that man has many several forms and can portray them in many ways does not only bring out the cunning nature of man, or the unreliability, but the Inconsistent nature which defines all beings.

There as such are some questions which can be asked whereas there are other questions which need not be put forth at all. Man’s nature should not be questioned cause today it’s one way and tomorrow another.

Be happy with the friends/acquaintances you make today and be happier if you see them tomorrow as you saw them yesterday. Be happiest if they stay a life long time. Don’t get upset if what is today isn’t tomorrow. Rather be grateful that you had the chance cause what is today, definitely won’t be tomorrow.

Time does not heal a Broken Heart.

December 12, 2010 § 3 Comments

Fifty-five: light

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When hurting, the most common statement or cliché used to help one who is hurting is “Time heals all wounds”. You are told to hang in there, pit a smile on your face and wait, for time will anesthetize your pain and hurt. But those who coin rules and clichés about loneliness are happy and unhurt people who have never actually felt the kind of hurt you feel when in pain. It sounds good to hear that with time, all hurt goes away, but it is not so true.

When you are hurting, time only magnifies the pain. Days, weeks and months may go by, but the agony hangs on. The hurting won’t go away, no matter what the calendar says. The role of time with hurt is it only pushes the pain deeper down memory lane. Sad enough, one tiny event or memory similar to what you had experienced can make everything resurface in greater deal and it may hurt much more than it did before.

Truthfully, it doesn’t help much, either, to know that others have suffered before you down through the past. You can identify with the sufferings of others, for instance Biblical characters, who survived tremendous ordeals of pain. But knowing that others have gone through great battles doesn’t calm the hurt in your bosom. When you discover how they came out victoriously from their trials, and you still haven’t, it only adds your hurt. It makes you feel like they were so special or lucky.

They key to a successive outbreak or victory is seeking God‘s guidance through prayers. When you turn God, with a sincere heart, He’ll make sure that he see’s you through your pain. Remember that God is a merciful Father and will never love seeing his child go through pain and will not bring you out glorified. Turn to God when you have your problems and He’ll work out a miracle.


The Downfall of Man and it’s regular pattern.

October 19, 2010 § 1 Comment

You picture your life in a movie frame, seeing it smile in your face whether it’s a horrendous drama or not, but then one and all in it is bogus. You strive to play a role to perfection, performing on a stage, showing the world what you’re equipped and leaving a reputation which will build up into fame among your audience. You conceal into what you aren’t when it starts getting coarse just to keep the fame and persist on edifying not just a reputation to any further extent but a name. A run of the mill of all attempts you make are successful. You embrace the key to all life’s treasures and achievements you possibly will ever wish for.

All is well which starts well and not, which doesn’t. Acting upon false hood of who you are, most of your life will be lived thus on a sham. Why? You don’t any more stride on your path but on those of a figment within your imagination. Next thing you know is walls are bunged up on you and you ascertain that the castles you assembled now stand upon feeble pillars of salt and sand. You take a look at your life and realise that there’s to all intent and purpose nothing left to make of it. They say you got to learn on every occasion you fall short but none of them stay to lend a hand pull you out of your muddle. You then become nobody on or after somebody. When stuff win a wrong turn, these people disappear and when is starts going good again the same people reappear. What you learn from that reprehensible act is self explicit; they aren’t there as a consequence of whom you are but of what you are; of what you created yourself into, either through dirt-free paths or false hood. You are not safe from any person not even yourself, the figment you created.

This life will fade away no matter how hard you try. If you could, you’ll crave you can pull it all up from trash and rewind to the era when it was all green and not grey as it is at the moment. Fame doesn’t mean anything to you at this episode. You just want somebody you can lean on and be conceited to identify as a friend, a real true friend by you. One you can call your hero. This guardian will come along with the potency to take you on; to put you back on your feet. He/she could moreover be someone out of the ordinary or it could be you. A simple but sincere prayer will aid in ruling out the icon you search for.

Accomplishing that task, you seek revolutionary paths, which will develop an utterly innovative episode in the script. Your target is the audience, proving again that of course, you had botched because of your cynical actions, but now are out once more for an alteration regardless of whether you get hold of their support or not.

This cycle repeats each period you descend. For no reason should you give up. Believe in yourself. Be strong. Pursue the truth and you’ll figure out that a champ lives within you.


Broken Hearts are meant to be!!

October 12, 2010 § 15 Comments

The general conception about broken hearts is always about love and relationships. When someone says his/her heart has been broken, cramped up or something similar to that, he/she usually refers to falling out with a partner. There are several raison d’être about why we have broken hearts all the time. It ain’t all about a love life as such.

What do I mean by broken hearts? By this, a broken heart (or heartbreak) is a common metaphor used to describe the intense emotional pain or suffering one feels after losing a loved one, through death, divorce, breakup, moving, being rejected, or other means. Heartbreak is usually associated with losing a spouse or loved one, though losing a parent, child, pet, or close friend can also “break one’s heart”. Although “heartbreak” is usually a metaphor, there is a condition – appropriately known as “broken heart syndrome” – where a traumatizing incident triggers the brain to distribute chemicals that weaken heart tissue (Biology).

Here is how this thing works. From the very hour and day you were conceived, you were given a heart which was going to learn how to grow loving and caring for the people who are of great importance to you. When you were born, you didn’t just lie there in open air but in the arms of your mother. You then grow up to be nurtured and catered for by both your parents and relatives. Your heart is meant to love, reason why you develop relationships with your family at large and other people (your peers). Emotions must grow because you love.

What happens is this. When these relations get hurt or pass away, you too are hurt. Depending on the type of relationship you keep with them, their pain will be your pain. So every time they are hurt, you too suffer same. So with the loss of either a father, mother, brother, sister, pet, …, or whatever you cherished most, you’ll evidently have a broken heart and it’ll always leave a permanent mark. As long as you get hurt, you get a broken heart. Pain and depressions are good symptoms of broken hearts.

Most people do not see it this way. They consider heart breaks with mainly broken relationships (Break Ups), which is just one of the parts that form all our life relations. This type of heart-break is common and unavoidable among the adventurous teens and youth of now-a-days. Generally speaking, a heart-break should NOT only be looked at from one point of view. Have you ever lost a person you held up so close at heart and you did not feel the pain? Have you ever wondered why the hurt is unavoidable?

Our hearts therefore are meant to be broken whenever and by whatever means because they were made to love and it’s an eternally given gift for us to cherish. There will always be sad times.

Do not get to misjudge the facts of hearts are meant to love and hearts are meant to be broken. Our hearts are made to love, but broken hearts – though are meant to be – do not last because there is a recovery process, a stage where we get to accept the factors leading to our hurt and realise that these things actually happen and are unavoidable.

We can’t avoid them!!!


Seasons of Life.

October 11, 2010 § 10 Comments

There is a generality in the mannerism in which we live our day-to-day lives here on earth. There are sunny days, gloomy days and sometimes you’re just so indifferent with virtually every decision or action you take.

These Seasons come along with how you develop them and grow with them. Depending on what you do and how you do it, you can make a single day a happy day with lots of golden memories to keep and share a life long time while that same day can end up a very miserable one.

However, there are two types of factors which influence the way these Seasons fluctuate. These factors are some how interwoven. Firstly, you have the Direct Influence Aspects (D.I.A), which deal with the individual and his actions, both intentional and non-intentional and secondly, you have the External Influence Aspects (E.I.A), which obviously deal with environmental aspects such as family, peers and everything external to the individual. What we must understand is that Man in all possible ways will seek for means to get a happy life. Joy and Peace are the best fruits of achieving a happy life, no matter your status in the society. Some will rather sacrifice a thing or two just to get happy while others may even get to extremes of doing right or wrong just to get happy.

The D.I.A is the most important in our lives because we have full access and control over it. With our behaviour patterns, actions and decisions, we shape how our lives turn out to be. We give it a route to follow. You want it good, you will get it and the same goes vice-versa. But then, this is the part of life which faces the greatest challenges of both factors. A slight error in whatever decision or action you take can become very fatal to your personality and life stand. You may fall into severe depressions and live the rest of your life regretting the action you took. We therefore must uphold this aspect with great degrees of importance.

The E.I.A is all about how the environment influences our behaviour, actions and decisions. We must also note here that we Humans are not islands and can never stand alone in a society. We are born into a society and must interact with our environment (society) in order to survive. These factors have a range of elements ranging from your family background, your peers, your life partners, etc. However their influence on you the individual all depends on whether you flow with its changing winds of time and space or you stand your ground in certain areas. Its influence therefore isn’t so direct as the above because you decide whether or not to accept its influence. You also cannot avoid its existence.

A lot more can be said about those aspects. But briefly said, you can of course make meaning of what these Seasons are and how you can control and change them. Life at any times can become difficult same as it can become easy. Good or Bad, they are Seasons of life. It all depends on how you take on life and adjust to its seasons.


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