The Cure to Cancer is now becoming a Business Ordeal.

June 13, 2011 § 2 Comments

The World and Its Society are now becoming something else. While certain people are fighting for the good and progress of others, the hatters obviously have their negative roles in destroying the good reputations, thoughts and deeds of others. The cure to Cancer has always been a problem to our general health and societies, same as that of AIDS, but the way cases are being treated today doesn’t just seek for a call of concern but one to cry and wonder in agony where the world is going to. Watch the video below. It is in relation to the cure of Cancer and Dr. Burzynski.

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The Truth is out there. You all are requested to stand and fight for it.


Teen Mother claims that her cigarettes while pregnant have made her child stronger.

June 1, 2011 § 1 Comment

The mum who smoked 15 cigarettes a day while pregnant

A young mother who smoked 15 – 20 cigarettes a day during pregnancy claimed it helped to make her baby stronger.

Charlie Wilcox, 20, from Rainham, Kent, was warned that smoking while pregnant restricted the amount of oxygen available to her unborn baby. However, she believed that this would make her unborn baby’s heart work harder.

Appearing on BBC3’s Misbehaving Mums To Be, she said: It’s making the baby use its heart on its own in the first place, so that when it comes out, its going to be able to do those things by itself.

“Where’s the proof that it’s so bad to smoke?

When pregnant, tests showed that the levels of carbon monoxide in Ms Wilcox’s blood were six times higher than those considered safe.

Carbon monoxide in cigarette smoke competes with oxygen in the blood, lowering the amount of oxygen available to the unborn baby’s developing organs and tissues, one of the reasons why smokers are more likely to give birth prematurely or to babies of a low birth weight.

Ms Wilcox said she generally smoked around 15 to 20 cigarettes a day during the first six months of pregnancy, but cut back to around five a day for the remainder of the pregnancy.

When her daughter Lilly was born – ten days early – she weighed 6lb 2oz, more than 1lb less than the UK average.

Reasons to kick the habit while pregnant

Babies born to smokers:

  • Are more likely to be born prematurely, and with a low birth weight
  • Are twice as likely to die from cot death
  • Are more likely to suffer from respiratory, and other infections
  • Have poorer lung function
  • Have organs that are smaller on average than babies born to non-smokers
  • Are more likely to become smokers themselves in later years

Pregnant mothers who smoke in the later stages of pregnancy may also be at a higher risk of the placenta detaching from the womb, before the baby is born. This can cause a premature birth, oxygen deprivation to the baby or even result in the baby being stillborn.

Cutting back on the number of cigarettes smoked, as Ms Wilcox did, may seem to be a step in the right direction. However, some smokers who do this often start inhaling more deeply, so that the amount of carcinogens and poisons reaching the bloodstream is similar.

Source: Yahoo News

Water, Also called Blue Gold!!!

March 18, 2011 § 2 Comments

Model of hydogen bonds in water in English.

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Water is the MOST PRECIOUS gift given to life by nature. Every Living person knows it. How do you feel if you go a couple of hours without a gulp of water, or to make it a little sick, can you go a day without water?? People can kill just to get water a litre of Water.

Think about this: You love water so much because it’s an everyday energy source. What will you do if you discovered your water supply has been cut, damaged or Poisoned??

Jesse Ventura exposes another Conspiracy, but this time its Focus is on World Water.


Taboo: Masculine Initiation

March 17, 2011 § 3 Comments

Saw this on Youtube and it freaked me out. Yeah, there are several forms of Initiation into Manhood respective to the several cultures which exist in Africa. But this particular one is not Normal At All. I’ll prefer Circumcision to this. lol

What’s your take?


Exclusive!! Animals tell the Truth about Swine Flu!!!

March 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

It’s Crazy but just for Fun. Follow up the discussions and try to catch animals make fun about the swine flu from the way they see and fear it. lol


Driver Abandons Accident Victim To Die On Tarmac

March 14, 2011 § 1 Comment

A man, whose only name The Post got as Amanjock, was reportedly abandoned by a hit-and-run driver in a white Mercedes, at check point, Molyko Buea, March 8. The Post gathered that Amanjock, about 35, who was at the peak of celebrations marking the International Day of the Woman, at late night, was staggering on the highway with a bottle of beer, when the speeding vehicle hit him and vanished.

Eyewitnesses told The Post that the victim lay on the tarmac bleeding profusely as the crowd gathered, but no one elected to rush him to the hospital on grounds that they didn’t know him.“A Taxi driver proposed to take him to the hospital, on condition that someone else will go with him to sign that he will take care of the expenses, but, after putting the victim in his taxi and realising that nobody was willing to go with him, he removed the victim and dumped on the ground and drove off,” says Charles Enongene, one of the eye witnesses.

Enongene said Amanjock was carried from the tarmac and placed on the middle ridge of the road that night, where he bled till he gave up the ghost. A crowd only gathered around his corpse the following morning, hoping that someone might identify him.

Though no identification paper was found on him, a woman who was passing by claimed that she knew Amanjock in Tiko, that he was a petty trader dealing in cigarettes and candies. She said Amanjock, sometimes, behaved like a lunatic. An Ambulance from the Buea Regional Hospital Annex arrived at 8:00 am on that Wednesday morning and took the cadaver to the mortuary.

Source: The Post


Time does not heal a Broken Heart.

December 12, 2010 § 3 Comments

Fifty-five: light

Image by meganknight via Flickr

When hurting, the most common statement or cliché used to help one who is hurting is “Time heals all wounds”. You are told to hang in there, pit a smile on your face and wait, for time will anesthetize your pain and hurt. But those who coin rules and clichés about loneliness are happy and unhurt people who have never actually felt the kind of hurt you feel when in pain. It sounds good to hear that with time, all hurt goes away, but it is not so true.

When you are hurting, time only magnifies the pain. Days, weeks and months may go by, but the agony hangs on. The hurting won’t go away, no matter what the calendar says. The role of time with hurt is it only pushes the pain deeper down memory lane. Sad enough, one tiny event or memory similar to what you had experienced can make everything resurface in greater deal and it may hurt much more than it did before.

Truthfully, it doesn’t help much, either, to know that others have suffered before you down through the past. You can identify with the sufferings of others, for instance Biblical characters, who survived tremendous ordeals of pain. But knowing that others have gone through great battles doesn’t calm the hurt in your bosom. When you discover how they came out victoriously from their trials, and you still haven’t, it only adds your hurt. It makes you feel like they were so special or lucky.

They key to a successive outbreak or victory is seeking God‘s guidance through prayers. When you turn God, with a sincere heart, He’ll make sure that he see’s you through your pain. Remember that God is a merciful Father and will never love seeing his child go through pain and will not bring you out glorified. Turn to God when you have your problems and He’ll work out a miracle.


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