Disappointment as a Lifestyle

May 3, 2016 § Leave a comment

It’s a lot easier to live disappointed, than it is to feel disappointment. When we live a life where we make feeling disappointment as a norm, we eventually tend to trigger a long term downfall of what makes us whole and healthy. Being healthy includes but not limited to a healthy body (medication, seeing doctors regularly, vitamins, etc), but also includes a healthy environment, financial life, mental life, sex life, pleasure, fun, easiest methods of managing stress and all those other aspects which cause/take a toll on our physical. 

Our lived experiences are very much different. Coming from several backgrounds, cultures and ethnic societies which most often define what is right or wrong, what we can and can’t do, it makes it quite difficult when we need to live up to those standards set by those norms, even when our bodies continuously whisper to us to stop, change or do whatever makes us happy, simply because we don’t want to disappoint or feel disappointment. 

But hey, there is so much more to a healthy life than what society has preached so far. Make listening to your inner self a priority. There’s no prescription out there than can heal our Inner self. If we keep stressing our bodies, our bodies will eventually lash out. Even if it means quitting years of education, work and growth and taking a fresh start, do it. We need our bodies as much as our bodies need us.

I challenge you to make your own prescriptions whenever your inner self whispers silently to you.


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