Vrai ou Faux? What is the Cameroon Gov’t concealing behind the recent event at Eta Palace, Buea??

On Saturday the 9th of November 2013, there was a situation at Buea; Eta Palace to be specific about a girl being devoured by a Man who turned himself to a python after promising to give this girl a certain sum of 500,000frs (as per the story) for an affair they both had at this hotel. First of all, lets accept that witchcraft exist and people have totems.

However and as a disclaimer, the said story has been discredited with statements of it being a “plot” to tarnish the image of this hotel. Also several pictures of a snake swallowing a woman went viral. These pictures are false pictures and I personally can prove that.

Media outlets, the radio and TV stations are not saying anything concrete about it. Some state that it’s a rumour, others state that there are no pictures or videos to prove the claim. As I proceed, I’ll paint the situation and provide counter questions to justify and corroborate the fact that the government is hiding something, and something happened.

Per the story, – “this man and girl are in the same room, she steps into the bathroom to ease herself and on returning to the room, she sees a snake instead of the man she was with and is killed by being swallowed”. Some people say there were no 3rd parties in the room to justify what happened.

  • As human beings, our primary instinct when we find ourselves in danger is to seek for help. The most common form of doing that is by SCREAMING which usually comes as an uncontrolled response when faced with a situation. By screaming, our surrounding is alerted which will definitely draw attention.
  • A woman will scream, at the very sight of a snake in an uncontrolled environment or in her bedroom. Even a man will act quickly and call for assistance to have the snake killed immediately. But at least some awareness will be raised.
  • Per the story, – “she reached for her phone, called up her friends and beckoned with them to come rescue her, before being grabbed by the snake and the tale continues”.

From the above highlights, 3rd parties could definitely have been reached out in 2 ways. It’s either the call she made is true, or assuming that she didn’t make a call, she definitely would have screamed for help as a natural first reaction and given that it was in a hotel, more than one 3rd party would have heard and rushed to the scene to attend to the distress call for help.

There is a huge question which plagues the lips on many. Where are pictures or videos to prove that the situation is true? I’ll in turn ask, How will pictures or videos exist if the heavy police barricade did not let the press get in to cover the story, talk less of the angry mob who got into a confrontation with the police which ended with the exchange of stones and tear gas to gun shots??. The police did all they could to prevent the angry mob from getting in. Of course, damage was done and wounds incurred.

Quick question: Why will the police get to that extent of preventing a “mob” from getting in to see for themselves?

Well that’s an obvious question which will get an obvious answer. Let me get a lot more specific.

Why were press and reporters on scene denied access into the hotel? (That’s an open question and will expect an answer, if any objective one exists).

The press has rights to report situations, it’s their job. Being denied entry will only mean, there’s something on the inside which they don’t want to be released. That said, suspicion grew up stating that the man involved could be a top official. Let’s put you in that position. You have power, and you can exercise your power on a great scale, and will even use it to defend yourself. Knowing how corrupt our government is, will you not use that same power to protect your identity if need be?

As a result of the story, it was said that a lot of evidence was destroyed. What evidence? I’ll want to think any device, be it a phone or camera which could record the situation from within. The hotel’s records were apprehended. Why? Of course, not to reveal the identity of the person.

Why will the police and government get to that extent to cover up such a thing if it does not exist?

A Pastor was granted access to get in. Yet, the police barricade was the furthest he could get across. He was denied further access on the inside. Why bring in a pastor if, it has nothing to do with spirituality or metaphysical issues? Or was the pastor going into the pray for the dead girl?

That notwithstanding, there is something greater than what we anticipate. Radio stations and TV new reports this said day Monday 11th do not say anything with regards to revealing the insights, but say that it’s just a rumour to discredit the hotel. Awilo on IPP said that “he’s under hot conditioner, not air conditioner”. He is known for daring to report certain things which the national radio station CRTV will not. But if he said – he is under a hot condition, then it should ring a bell.

I will not conclude giving the impression that the story is True or Not True because nothing concrete has been released. There are several versions of this story. This article is based on the several questions being asked and actions taken to which I am providing counter questions and not based on the assumed stories circulating. If they say it is just a plot the discredit the hotel, that same day, the hotel management would have made a statement to support the rumour and state what happened, they would have granted the press and a few others from the mob access into the hotel and not let the government and police run things. About 15 arrests were made that day.

A stigma has already been created, and the longer they keep their silence, the deeper it gets. I’ll end with one of my favourite African proverbs.


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  1. Rachel says:

    This story is so fake. As for Awilo he has been noted for giving wrong info so there’s nothing he knows abt the story. Who on earth can testify the he or she actually saw the snake? These are just lies to bring down that Hotel. Why aren’t there pics of the Snake? Rubbish!!!

    1. Thomas says:

      Rachel, u should learn to read before making such remarks and saying “rubbish”. If there’s nothin as the police are saying, what’s there to prove that there’s nothing?

      Nice article. It should get people thinking.

  2. danielspurs says:

    Asay eh pa! That story too don baffle me. The way the cops were covering it up is so so suspicious massa. But you know what they say, “There is no smoke without fire”

  3. Benjamin says:

    Rachel with due respect,I’ll ask u to read d article again!!! Itz but normal and a reflex dat, if us humans are scared off, deres gonna be a reflex action to scream or do somethx. It isn’t said if there was truly a snake, but for sure we believe somethx happened at that hotel…Its abnormal for police authorities to storm a hotel dat early and reject, even the PRESS frm comx in!!!! that shld put a question in our minds. What are they keepx away from us?! evidence has been destroyed, so the real story behind shall not be known…Talkx about IPP, he does say what exist, if not, why was he given a ban to stay off media for 6mnths????!! what ever it is, IT SHALL COME TO LIGHT. Nothx can be hidden under this earth, no matter how hard you try…

  4. vidal carter says:

    When this incident happened some taxi men and people were opportuned to see that snake with the body halve way in at about 7-8 am. because at that time, everybody was concentrated inside. however whether u believe it or not, yesterday in nchang, a man slept with 2 girls and their vaginal were filled with cells (maggots) I mean yesterday sunday. A woman who sells in muea cried when that snake topic was being brought beside her. She has powers to see and feel bad spirits. she said (oh oh oh buea) they are back. this had once happened on the same day of the cdc accident. she said “lord why so much blood” and later it was (k.o). also the pastor brought to the scene at eta palace cried out lord loud with tears.”What is this what is this” lord help us!! Whether u believe it or not, be on ur guards.

  5. Benjamin says:

    holy christ…….spiritual Eyes of woman + Pastor?!!!!!screams Of ‘Buea’ dey don came again!!!!who have come again?!hmmmm,deres more to the issue

  6. Reblogged this on georgemichaeln and commented:
    The thoughts portrayed in this article in no way reflect my own, whatever they may be. I have no opinion on this matter, particularly.

  7. Javera aka Mr. Awesome says:

    Well a must say a have heard a whole bunch of different versions of this incident and this seems to be the most convincing Well DONE man. The story sure has a lot of cliches but since am not in the country, a guess only time will give me a better answer. Who ever or what ever is hiding behind the curtain will be revealed by time.

  8. Palmer says:

    Pals,all we do know is that something terrible and horrible happened at Eta Palace.Eta palace is it a governors,minister or politician hotel and is it more than Capitol hotel to discredit the hotel ? As for Rachel,the girl is still dreaming and the only advice i can provide in this forum…is that,Everything is very possible in Africa. what was the police and government officials doing at eta palace from that morning till night,going in and out …Anyway May God Bless Cameroon

  9. Maffywoups says:

    we just need the government and the press to do their job and say what exactly happened. may save more lives. we are too good at covering things up in this country.

  10. Maffywoups says:

    Reblogged this on maffywoups.

  11. mirabel says:

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm lets pray for our country CAMEROON

    1. Maureen says:

      Well, de probability of this story being true for me is 0.5/1. I do think that your questions are logical yet most of dem could be mare coincidence…I’ve heard the story of how this particular hotel was build…and I tell u, you cam not eat your cake and have it…the real owners spirit is not at rest…it’s more than we can imagine

  12. Boyblow says:

    The author of this article is trying to be objective, yet still basing his suspicion on the fact that the police and forces of order were at the scene so that proves that something really happened.I beg to disagree, that proves nothing at all.A mob was building up in front of the hotel and blocked road circulation, if you were governor it will only be normal that you descend to the scene.Now in as much as i agree there is no smoke without fire,something must have started this rumor. But even if a snake was seen in that hotel it still wont prove anything.We are in tropical Africa and snakes are organisms like you and I, why always label them witches?!!! what really baffles me is why in 2013 people are still inclined to superstition to such an extent.There is no possibility for a reptile to transform into a mammal(let alone human being) in a few minutes(NEVER EVER HAPPENED IN MANKIND’S HISTORY). If a scientist comes up with such a concoction he will win the Nobel prize.Stop the ignorance and lets talk about the economy!!

  13. DINHO , says:

    people who know nothing are making false comments here, i hv called some one who was at the scene(my brother) and he testify that its true. Its a senior police commisioner from yaounde who has a reputation of doing that who came to buea to carry out his act. He had inform his friend that he will be in the Hotel and they(police) came to his rescue. Many taxi men and near bye residents had their evidents destroyed. its a clear reality , girls should know where to look for easy money. may her soul rest in peace.

  14. Daniel says:

    wow this ia awlsome man, i must confess, i give you some credit for this great sense of analytical skills, you have really given deeper thoughts to this and with this in mind even the common man will be entitle to his or her own opinion. summarily what remain very clear and certain is this, somthing happened in eta palace, believe it or not

  15. LIZETTE says:

    as much as i too have my onw unanswered questions, it is really unfair for u to say the hotel made no comments. journalists on the spot were taken around the hotel and the manager of the hotel Agbor smith talked to the press twice. that except was played over equinoxe radio and tv throughout monday. Assuming trully that something as such took place. it was cleared off even before the arrival of the pop. i too believe something took place in that hotel but we have no one to prove it. who was the girl? atleast her friends or family would raise an alarm considering she is no where to be found. but non such reports have been heard.

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