Fru Ndi Reshuffles Shadow Cabinet.

The Chairman of the SDF, Ni John Fru Ndi, has reshuffled the Shadow Cabinet of the party, with about 85 percent of Ministers and Vices being new comers. This was done at the end of the National Executive Committee (NEC), of the SDF meeting in Bamenda over the weekend.

The greatest casualty of the shake up is Madam Chantal Kambiwa, who was dropped from her position as Chairperson of Gender Issues. The position has been modified to Gender Issues and The Physically Challenged, now headed by Miss Judith Zama. Meanwhile, old names like Hon Cyprian Awudu Mbaya was maintained as Chairperson of Foreign Affairs, and Legal and Judicial Affairs by Prof. Kofele Kale.

Other members of the new shadow cabinet are:

  • Agriculture and Rural Development, Chairperson: Mathias Ofon,
  • Defence and National Security: Colonel Chi Ngafor,
  • Economy, Finance and Commerce, Chairperson: Evariste Fopoussi,
  • Education and Training, Chairperson: Jean Takoungang,
  • Health, Chairperson: Prof Joseph Nelson Fomulu,
  • Information and the Media, Chairperson: Jean Robert Wafo,
  • Industrial Development, Chairperson: Jean Claude Kuete,
  • Internal Affairs, Chairperson: Mochiggle Vanigansen,
  • Posts and Telecommunications, Chairperson: Chief Paul Nji Tumasang,
  • Science and Technology, Chairperson: Gabriel Wato,
  • Social Affairs, Sports and Youth Development, Chairperson: Prof. Paul Kwi,
  • Tourism and Culture, Chairperson: Ebelle Din Dobel,
  • Public Works and Transport, Chairperson: Johnas Achah Mbah,
  • Mining, Water and Energy, Chairperson: Alexander Mulango Forteh,
  • Urban Development and Housing, Chairperson: Prof. Ajaga Nji.

Source: CPO


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