A human Cyclops was born in India! Not a JOKE!!!


A baby boy was born with only one eye in the very center of his head and no nose. Doctors were amazed when the c-section of 34-year-old Veena Chavan was complete and her child was a Cyclops. A sonogram had revealed in the 32nd week that the child was hydrocephalic, meaning there was water accumulating in the brain, but they never expected to see the results that occurred. Unfortunately, the child only survived one day.

Chavan said, “I was told that the baby had water in the brain but never had I expected the baby to be born with one eye and no nose.” Doctors said that the baby most likely suffered from a rare form of cyclopia, which surprisingly affects one in every 250 embryos.

Cyclopia changes the development of the front of the brain causing the eyes and nose to not form properly. This particular case, however, was extremely severe resulting in the child’s premature death.

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