My Philosophy

September 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

It’s not wise to judge others based on your preconceptions and by their appearances! People live their lives bound by what they see as “right” and “true”. That’s what they call “reality”. However “right” and “true” are nothing but vague terms. Their reality could turn out to be an illusion. Everyone is living by their own assumptions. Wouldn’t you agree?

We are ordinary humans, driven by revenge in the name of Justice. However, if we disguise our revenge by words of Justice, this “Justice” grows, gives birth to revenge, and thus the chain of hatred begins. By living through these events now, by knowing the past, we can look into the future. That is what we know as history.

Love gives birth to sacrifice which brings forth hatred and lets you know Pain. Knowing Pain brings out Revenge in the form of Justice which in the end won’t serve a purpose! We all have our individual idealism of Justice, rationale enough why we can’t understand each other’s pain! Man can’t walk in the steps of another, can’t put on similar footwear and see with the same perspectives. We are nothing else but human; however I’ll get a solution to end this chain yet in my own way!

Man matures because they know Pain. And to mature is to start thinking of yourself and to make your own decisions. To know, and reflect upon Pain, and come up with your own answer.

Ultimately, in a world guided by norms, rules, laws and regulations, one who defies them is regarded as a traitor, a turncoat! But an individual who turns his back on friends is worse than a traitor.


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