Set’ Mobile Goes Operational in Cameroon.

July 28, 2012 § Leave a comment

A new mobile phone network, Set’ mobile, went operational on Saturday, July 21. Set’ mobile, a product of Eto’o Telecom, will, from July 21 to August 5, give priority to those customers who gave their confidence to the company when the idea was initially launched last December.

Explaining why the company did not go operational six months ago, as earlier announced, the General Manager, Charles Gueret, said, “The reasons for the subsequent postponements were solely due to strategical reasons and, due this, the business model has undergone certain modifications to permit a better placement of the brand as the very first Mobile Virtual Network Operator in Sub-Saharan Africa.”

In addition to 60 direct jobs, Set’ mobile hopes to create about 500 indirect employment opportunities before the end of this year. The company believes that, by doing this, they will help in “encouraging our people of the Diaspora not to relent in the development of our beloved Cameroon.” Eto’o Telecom, according to the authorities, was created on August 11, 2011 as the first virtual operator of mobile phones in Sub-Saharan Africa “which should be a subject of national pride.”

The company is the brainchild of Samuel Eto’o, “a young Cameroonian, son of the soil, who saw the light of day at Nkon in the Sanaga-Maritime Division, grew up in the New Bell neighbourhood in Douala and then went on to conquer the world.” According to Mr. Gueret, the legendary footballer, Samuel Eto’o, who is also Board Chair of Eto’o Telecom, “has had it all”.

Being on top of the world, he has, over the years, become a role model not only to Cameroonian youths but an incarnation of a present full of glory and a future full of hope for an entire African generation. But despite this external monumental quest, this young Cameroonian has decided to come back HERE, back to his roots where he is originally from.”

The network has the ambition “to create and develop a profitable and sustainable African enterprise of mobile phone services. Some of the values Set’ mobile boasts of include: “generosity, optimism, audacity, anchorage and imagination.” Set’ mobile will operate in partnership with ORANGE and will provide its services nationwide. All Set’ mobile numbers will begin with 92.

Source: Cameroonpostline


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