Suicide Incidence in Yaounde Lake Rising

Elements of the city’s firefighting brigade told reporters it was hard in the circumstances to conjecture for how long the corpse had stayed in the water body.  They also could not immediately establish if it was a case of suicide or murder.

They added that considering the advanced state of decomposition of the cadaver as well as the absence in the vicinity of any personal documents, identification was near impossible.  The dead man is thought to have been in his thirties.

Meantime, the fishing out of the corpse prompted the raising of eyebrows by many Yaounde dwellers.  It was the third case in about one month, beginning with the pulling out in late February of the remains of a certain Alain Abena, a senior official in the Ministry of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.

A fortnight ago, firefighters fished out the corpse of one Nanou Ombone, a Cameroonian woman resident in Belgium and who came to visit with family and friends back home.  Firefighters concluded it was suicide, as in the Abena case, considering that the retrieved corpses displayed no signs of physical harm.

And so steadily, the Yaounde man-made municipal lake, developed years ago to add to embellishment efforts in the capital city, is increasingly being transformed into a choice suicide destination.  The question that flapped on the lips of onlookers Monday as the third body was pulled out of the lake was: “Who next and when?”

Source: CameroonPostLine


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