Balikumbat Divided over Fon Doh’s Plans to Return to Parliament.

Plans by the controversial traditional ruler of Balikumbat, Fon Doh Gah Gwanyin III, to contest the next parliamentary elections are causing disquiet among senior CPDM militants and officials in the special constituency.

This was very evident during recent celebrations marking the 27th anniversary of CPDM party in Balikumbat. They were characterised by accusations and counter accusations, witch- hunting and insults among the Balikumbat CPDM militants including their member of parliament, Emmanuel Mbanme, Mayor Augustine Wasom, and Fon Doh.

Fon Doh fired off the ructions when he told the CPDM elite of his Balikumbat constituency that they should not pretend that things were rosy among the militants. According to the fon, the CPDM elite of Balikumbat were not on talking terms with one another including him.

Hear him: “Something is wrong in Ngoketunjia II (Balikumbat) which must be redressed quickly. Let’s not waste our time pretending that all is good”.

Fon Doh regretted that ever since he indicated his wish to contest this year’s parliamentary election, a group of Balikumbat CPDM elite met some ministers in Yaounde pleading with them to block him from contesting the election. “These elite arranged with the ministers to send somebody to provoke me to react so that I will be blocked from contesting the elections,” the controversial fon charged.

He boasted that he had been in parliament before and so is endowed with a wealth of experience.

Fon Doh added that some Balikumbat elites accosted the SDO for Ngoketunjia calling other elites’ names including him as those who sponsored the Bambalang/Balikumbat war “because they want positions by giving some of us a bad name in order for us to be hanged”.

He said these same elite go around telling those who care to hear that he had been in prison and so he is a criminal and will go back to prison. He however enjoined his Balikumbat CPDM elite to create another forum for them to trash out things before the 11th hour.

Earlier, the Balikumbat member of parliament, Emmanuel Banme and Mayor Wasom Augustine, without calling names observed that they were elected by the population and they have been doing their job but unfortunately “some one sits in Balikunbat” calling them thieves. Hon Banme said that he has never stolen in his life.

Fon Doh was jailed some years back by the Ngoketunjia High Court after being found guilty of the murder of the former Balikumbat SDF district chairman, John Konntem. He later regained his liberty after taking an appeal.

Fon Doh’s legal troubles at the time forced the CPDM party to strike his name off the list of candidates for the parliamentary elections, after an international outcry, and that prevented the traditional ruler from going to parliament for a third term. Having been cleared by the appeals court and released from prison, the Balikumbat traditional ruler is this time scheming to contest the forthcoming parliamentary election and campaigning for the electorate to unseat the Balikumbat Mayor, Wasom Augustine, whom he claims has frequently disrespected and abused him in public.

Source: CameroonPostLine


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  1. jacky says:

    as for all what i have had about this FON DOH he is a very good man dats why god created him so he can make some people not to have smiling mounth, they should go ahead talking about but dat can never change the fact dat god love him most

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