The Incumbent, Pres. (Mr.) Paul Biya thanks Cameroonians for re-electing him as President of the Republic of Cameroon #cmr11.

Fellow Cameroonians,

My Dear Compatriots,

In accordance with our Constitution, the Supreme Court, acting as the Constitutional Council, has just announced the results of the 9 October 2011 presidential election.

In a completely sovereign, free and transparent manner, you have once again decided to entrust me with the office of President of the Republic.

Thank you for having thus renewed your trust in me.

My thanks go first and foremost to all the militants of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement, the militants of the other parties of the presidential majority and all those who voted for me.

Having been “elected by the whole Nation” in accordance with the provisions of our Constitution, I wish to congratulate all my compatriots who, regardless of their convictions, went to the polls and thus performed their electoral duty. By going quietly to the polls, they have once more demonstrated their high sense of responsibility and their attachment to democracy.

My congratulations also go to all the stakeholders in the electoral process, notably Elections Cameroon, the Supreme Court, the candidates, political parties, the media, the forces of law and order and territorial administration, etc. In their various spheres of competence, each of these stakeholders contributed to the successful conduct of the 9 October poll and hence played a role in writing a new page of our democratic experience.

I am happy to note that our democracy is doing well.

My Dear Compatriots,

Rest assured that I fully fathom the magnitude of the task you have once more entrusted to me.

I am encouraged by your confidence to pursue ongoing efforts towards making Cameroon a prosperous, just and fraternal country.

Your trust warrants me to carry through the Major Accomplishments vision which I presented to you and which is henceforth your vision, the vision of the Cameroonian people.

Together, we will translate the Major Accomplishments into Great Success Stories.

Together, we will make Cameroon an emerging country, that is, a country with strong democratic institutions, enjoying strong and sustainable growth, based on social justice.

Together, – Cameroonians from all regions, of all religious, language and social backgrounds, from all walks of life and of all generations – we are going to transform our country into a vast construction site which will provide job opportunities for young people and create wealth that can be redistributed equitably.

Together, we are going to strengthen true gender equality; we are going to increase youth participation in public affairs; we are going to consolidate peace in our country.

Together, we are going to achieve progress by giving Fresh Impetus to all sectors of national life.

My Dear Compatriots,

Such is the challenge facing us at the dawn of this new seven-year tenure. Wherever you are and whatever your place in our society, I am urging you all to join forces so that together we can meet this challenge and move forward on the path of democracy and social progress.

Long Live the Republic!

Long Live Cameroon!


Yaounde, 25-10-2011



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