Comet Elenin JUNE 2011 (Update) By Russian Reports

Vodpod videos no longer available.

After watching this video, it’s actually then that I realized how serious this stuff really is. At the moment I feel so speechless. Well like other prophecies which have been predicted and nothing happened such as the most recent one on 21st May 2011 which had to do with Judgement Day,  I however still get the jitters when I look into the sources of the last, biggest and final prophecy, 21st December 2011 Doomsday. Among a few of these sources are the Mayan Calender which holds a lot of facts and almost everything about it looks so true. Read the Story or Watch the video by clicking here. Another source which freaks me out as well is the Comet Elenin/Nibiru. Solar bodies have always been in motion. But I really wondered how things will look like if the Earth were to be hit by a giant comet (the Nibiru/Elenin story). There are several movies out there from which you can get ideas from and for real, they creep me out. Forget about the Illuminati and their 11 number game from the 9/11/01 event to the 21/12/12 prophetical event, the Illuminati Card Game predictions, World War 3 prophecies and all the other crap which I haven’t mentioned yet.

The Mayan Calender and the Nibiru/Elenin (myth) are just about enough to send any rational person with rational thought thinking straight about their prophetical impending doom.
What’s your take?

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  1. Mr Shabby Goy says:

    O shit

  2. nitunimi says:

    relax man, elenin , is just another comet, such beauty gift from universe!!
    nothing gonna happen…!

  3. ken merry says:

    Q> as Elenin approaches are we to expect wild and fierce storms with no end in sight ?

    1. Lebong says:

      Really can’t tell myself either cause i’m a little skeptic about the whole show. When the time comes, then we’ll see. Or may be, NASA will now start being honest and let the world know what’s up or the Russians might say something.

  4. ray says:

    It sounds like we will get to see a comet with the naked eye. It probably will not affect us on earth. But it will be a nice sight. There have been many comets, meteors, and astroids coming by earth. It is no cause for alarm. Still, it is interesting to see.

  5. ken merry says:

    Hey guy’s, I am an American. My Brazilian wife and I are living in Brazil where we teach English. We are almost in the middle of the country. How safe do you think it is here when the shit hit’s the fan. Our elevation is probably about 3000 ft.

    1. blueironmonk says:

      In terms of elevation and distance in-land your safe. However the southern hemisphere will be hit by massive solar flares for a day which will last between 3 and 7 normal Earth days. Whereas the northern hem. will have the equivlent period of “night”.

      Find a cave w/ water. Do not come out till Dec. Good luck.

  6. Ding says:

    Survival in any calamity depends on one’s own karma, or accumulation/records of good and bad deeds. These good and bad deeds are justwaiting the right time so that we can reap the reaction or requittal of these deeds by us experiencing their reactions. No one can escape this experiencing the reaction of good and bad deeds.As you sow, so you shall reap. The sowing is the committing or doing an action. The reaping is the experiencing the exact fruit of the action which will be equal to, or more that the original action. It earns interest with the passage of time.So. be happy, when you have done good actions, and pity on those who have done bad actions. God is just. , and he is not currupt as to pardon anybody who prays

    1. Lebong says:

      Sincerely Ding, I like the metaphysical aspect you just mentioned, “KARMA”. Yea, the summation of your Good and Bad determines your AFTER life right? I think that’s the Buddhist way of thinking. Correct me, anyone, if I am wrong. But then you state that ” God is just. , and he is not currupt as to pardon anybody who prays”.
      it puzzles me when you say that God is “Just” but won’t pardon he/she who prays. According to you, What’s your definition of prayer and why do you pray?
      Trying not to get so religious inclined here cause a Muslim will say something else and a Catholic Christian will seriously rebuke you for stating that God is not corrupt as to pardon anyone who prays.
      No one is perfect Ding, not even the several Religions which exist. It will be pitiful to see a fellow brother/sister doing bad and you just watch them. Where are your Moral Ethics?
      So, keeping religion out of this, Survival – though you refer to it as the after math of death – in this case will only depend on your location and whether or not something terrifying really is gonna happen. Rocks can’t hit the states and Africa or Middle East at the same time!!!!!

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