Islamists attack Jordan police with swords.

salafi proster_jordon.jpg

Peaceful protester image credit: Herald Sun

I think the old dude is hiding his prayer bump/bruise, just sayin…

Via Herald Sun

ISLAMIST protesters armed with swords, daggers and bats have attacked police in the Jordanian city of Zarqa, wounding 51 of them, as 32 other police suffered from tear gas inhalation, the country’s police chief said.

Lieutenant General Hussein Majali told a news conference: “Fifty-one policemen, including senior officers, were stabbed with knives, beaten with bats or hit with sharp tools, while 32 other policemen were treated for tear gas inhalation”.

He said: “Eight civilians were also hurt when police fired tear gas and tried to stop Islamist Salafist demonstrators from attacking shoppers in Zarqa”, adding that 17 protesters were arrested and police are searching for more people.

“It was clear that the demonstrators had plans to clash with police. They carried swords and daggers and were provocative, seeking to drag police into a bloody confrontation.”[More]All the peaceful salafists want is Sharia Law, that’s all.

Oh, and their buds accused of terrorism sprung from the pokey (cornhole) place.

Source: Jawa Report.


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  1. nemo235 says:

    It is in retaliation for all the jordanians being gunned down by the police.

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