Illuminati Card Game – End of Time.


From the Lot of 394 cards, i decide to pick out just this one, the 344th to ask a simple question. Before getting to that, the image shows the globe in a split, probably by a meteor, comet or the said Nibiru – Planet X. Though not believing in any of the said predictions and coverage by NASA, the card tells of the END, which will probably be 2012 as many sources are proclaiming and precisely 21 – 12 – 2012 (winter eclipse).

I however am made to understand that the world will come to an end, considering the increase in natural disasters, the many Japan earthquakes and Tornadoes in Northern America. Social Upheavals around the world, especially in Africa and the Middle East (a seemingly World War III).upheaval

world war three

With all these in mind, Steve Jackson who created the Illuminati Game in 1995 makes it very clear that the Illuminati DOES EXIST, regarding other sources and facts. These cards are gathered information, which have foretold events way back as 9/11. Click here to watch other events and how they were played with the cards.

So if these cards are gathered information from the U.S government, who then are the Illuminati? Are they an Organisation separate from the U.S Government or they are the same? By clicking here, you’ll listen to an interview in which Steve explains how/why the Secret Service raided his company.

FYI, he won the case against the U.S Secret Service.


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  1. D says:

    Solomon was sitting with the illuminati and said if the comet passes the face of orion then for the frigidity of scorpio the life on earth would be extinct. and the pharisees said we see that this happens. solomon said this merely appears so. but it happens more than once which brings about what habbakkuk said that the fig tree will not bloom and the flower will wither. jesus said to them some of you here will not die till you see heaven coming in the clouds. venus makes a transit also every so often across the face of the sun and blocks a portion of the solar disk. when venus goes around the sun more and gets further away what do you think will also happen? solomon is not the beast. visions i have read. it doesnt happen soon either. his plan fails to trap satan in the temple. again… visions i have read. and satan isnt a bad guy. they say hes a hero. jesus said i am the bright and morning star in his own meaning… he said the bright and morning star which is venus comes as a thief. the planet.

    1. Lebong says:

      Hey, what are you saying cause i read and find u really interesting and it creeps the hhheeeeeeellllllllllllll outta me. lol. could you please re-explain yourself?? thanks. 🙂

  2. mahjong says:

    Card games are needed. This way of thinking is probably the result of modern development, entertainment and technology. Children can now only play the games on the Internet, television or video. This you can not really address the problem of boredom. As most parents know, however, there are some contradictions to modern forms of entertainment. Always the problem of violent content and other things, that children are exposed to more.

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