New World Order Nibiru Nasa 2012 Armageddon Prophecy HAARP Info Leaked

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  1. Hi There Lebs295,
    Thanks for the above, i wana know what the illuminati/lucifer have to do with planet x/nibiru/2012
    there is a proved fact that 2012 will arive a planet named planet x/nibiru and will bring a new word
    order (destoy the word or change it) so i wana know lucifer want a new world order and he’s satan
    so planet x is a satanic planet or something?
    BTW great blogpost

    1. Sayid says:

      Crazy it may seem, rather, crazy it really is. I can’t predict the future bruh, but lets just sit back and watch like it were a home movie theater with pizza and drinks.

  2. … why do people often associate the term “Nibiru” with things such as: illuminati, end of the world, UFO (crop circles, sky, stars), paranormal, God (like prophecy or something…), U.S., 666, 911, 2012, the new order (and other related conspiracy), etc.??? Well, if i was told that Nibiru was supposed to be a “doom” planet that should destroy earth, i would understand, but now we are talking about so many controversial and completely unrelated matters dealing with such various fields (religious, political, ethical, economic, scientific, philosophical) so what exactly is “Nibiru”? what is the main idea that put all those things together??? Sorry if the answers is kinda complex cuz’ i believe “something bigger is beyond the end of the world” if you see what i mean…

    1. Sayid says:

      Graciela, como estas??, i like the way you put up your question and how you’ve taken your time to actually notice that there are several sources pointing almost at the same thing. That’s the tricky part cause I don’t believe that the Illuminati existed way back as when the Mayan calender was created and all that. But then, Nibiru or Elenin is as NASA says/hides is a planet-sized comet which is believed to orbit earth around the same period as predicted by the Mayan Calender and the whole crazies of the Illuminati and the 2012 stories. However, my point on all this is, I’ll wait to see what really happens. Thanks for dropping by though. Gracia amiga!!

  3. Daniel says:

    Hi Guys,

    First, let me compliment you on the choice of music in the video… You must tell who that artist is and where I can find that tune.
    Second, I have been following the Nibiru stories now for the better part of this year and what I can conclude is that there is nothing to conclude… There seems to be alot of evidence that Nibiru exists, and there seems to be alot of evidence to debunk the evidence that it exists… Some say it is heading our way and that it will pass by us causing alot of destruction, and some say it is still too far too make any assumptions, while others simply state it does not exist… NASA for one… I believe that if it was going to show itself around December 2012, then surely by now, what with Nibiru supposedly being 4 times the size of jupiter, shouldn’t we have seen it by now… I have noticed a bright star in the morning sky here in the Southern Hemisphere, and I have been watching it for months now and it doesnt seem to be getting any larger, so that cant be Nibiru… I have concluded to reside in myself that I will believe all this stuff when I can see it… Besides, Jesus is the only one who knows when the world will end, and I doubt he will be riding a big planet…

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