Mitchell Coombes warns of 9.3 in Tokyo which will destroy Wako clock tower.

Ok so if you didn’t already know Mitchell is the guy who predicted the first Japanese earthquake using the illuminati card game.

He just in the last few minutes posted a facebook status saying;

11 hours before an earthquake in Japan (of 7.0+ magnitude) I will change my Profile Picture to the Tokyo Combined Disasters card (which is displaying now). As we have seen, there was a 7.1 earthquake tonight in Japan (11th April). I will give you all 11 hours advanced warning for the next earthquake in Tokyo, which will knock down the Wako Clock Tower.

(you have to sign into facebook in order to see his page so anyone who could verify the quotes it would be appreciated) (Also his profile picture has changed from the combined disaster card to something unrelated)

He also said this on his status;

Japan is far from over yet. HAARP are going full-speed now with this, mark my words. It isn’t over until the Wako Tower is destroyed, and it will be a 9.3 magnitude earthquake, in Tokyo, but don’t worry I will give 11 hours advanced warning for the next earthquake. I changed my profile picture 17 hours ago to the Tokyo Combined Disasters and said its about that time, 11 hours later a 7.1 hits. So next time you know, 11 hours after I change my picture to the Tokyo Card- it’s my warning to you, that another HAARP earthquake is going to hit Japan in 11 hours. I am using the number 11 a lot in this, take heed of my warnings people.

Along with this;

Yes. People, do not get into a rut about California yet okay. We still have plenty of time. The focus for now is Japan. California comes later. Don’t be scared, be prepared and take heeds of my warnings. I will be using the number 11 a lot in my warnings.

I asked him whether it would hit Tokyo within a week he said no, so i will keep my eyes peeled on his page and see what come of this!
Mitchell’s facebook page.

Source: ATS


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