HAARP as a Weapon of Mass Destruction has Mind Control Possibilities.

HAARP, known for it’s natural disaster potentials also has other far outraging capabilities; Mind Control. Jesse Ventura, in his video on HAARP made mention of this aspect of mind control techniques. Dr. Nick Begich in the video below who states he has studied HAARP for over a period of 40 years and is now fully capable of asserting a claim that HAARP has mind control possibilities.

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I really don’t know whether to believe this extreme aspect or not. But I do believe in one aspect, that is: “The truth is self declamatory at its own given time unknown to curious humans seeking the it.”.


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  1. Sharon Poet says:

    HAARP’s ability for mind control and even torturing intrusions is a fact and has been being used on unsuspecting victims for nearly two decades now. I know this, because I experience it and have witnessed it in many other people. Also I want to warn here that HAARP is only one of many tactics being used against us. WE ARE IN THE MIST OF A CRISIS LIKE NONE HUMANITY HAS EVER FACED. PLEASE HELP BRING MORE PUBLIC AWARENESS TO THIS, SO THAT A REMEDY CAN BE FOUND BEFORE IT IT TOO LATE. MY REMEDY IS TO SHUT DOWN HAARP ASAP. . .AND HELP PROSECUTE THOSE WHO ARE INVOLVED. http://WWW.SHARONPOET-TI.BLOGSPOT.COM


  2. Sharon Poet says:

    PLEASE make pass forewaring I posted on sharonpoet-ti.blogspot.com about USA water supplies to be poisoned/epidemic infested. (I feel that this water massacre may be in the planning tages for 2012)

    Prior to my sharing this, I got serious threats in the past few days and they have almost given me a heart attack (electronically). They are also trying to make me pass out while I drive. (Also using HAARP) Don’t know how much longer I can hold out, so I am giving this my all. Guess I am ready to die and am going down shooting back with all I have. PLEASE SEND THE WATER EPIDEMIC STUFF TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW ASAP. THIS MAY BE PREVENTABLE. . .or my broadcasting it may be used as a tool to expose them when they do it. Perhaps even just my broadcasting this can prevent it. I hope so.

    Also massive USA floods are coming. I am sure of it. . . and they are coming through HAARP….NOT through nature.

    However, I feel that I have these dreams, in order for US to help prevent the tragedies that are about to take place. I hope we can prevent them or at least expose them and lock up the perpetrators.

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