The Crucifixion Of The Quran

April 10, 2011 § 2 Comments

Is this:


Really as bad as this:


One Christian Pastor seems to think so.

Highly respected evangelical pastor John Piper made a startling yet insightful comment Tuesday when he compared the burning of the Islamic holy book to crucifying Christ.His comment comes amid reports that at least 24 people have died, including seven United Nations employees, in Afghanistan since Friday over the burning of the Koran by a fringe Florida pastor in March.

It wasn’t a burning of the Quran, it was the burning of a Quran. There are millions like it. Paper with ink printed on it. Easily duplicated and replaced. Unlike the life of a human being.

Pastor Piper will make a splendid dhimmi.

Source: Jawa Report


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§ 2 Responses to The Crucifixion Of The Quran

  • You unattached, unbiased blog is revealing of your love and quest for relty nothing short of it nor more to it. Keep on Young man. Sincerely Lebong Morfaw Ph.D International Law.

    • Lebong Morfaw says:

      An opinion is the work of the human reaction or observation, either informed or ignorant, defining not the thing or situation, but rather reflecting the level, intelect and or emotions of the holder. Just that and nothing more. For example, some have called Obama an Idiot or Communist if by their evaluation informed or ignorant of communisn he is what they think. Then reflect on how smart this foreign born idiot has made sense of the essence and reality of the wits that abound in the Rule of Law in America to become the first colored US president who is now ruling for two full terms.

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