Global Awareness: Opinion on Ignorance

Is it a serious crime against humanity and oneself on being ignorant about Global Issues, especially the strange ones?

For instance UFOs, HAARP and it’s ability to control weather and cause natural disasters, the New World Order, 2012 Apocalypse, conspiracies and so much more of the existing irregularities which a lay man will consider as extremely abnormal?


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  1. Byron Joseph says:

    I’m not going to give my opinion on the global warming theory. My question is, why are the politicians and celebrites who are so vocal about the urgent need for everyone to conserve and cut back on energy usage the very ones who waste the most energy?

    They seem to all live in very large houses, ride around in big expensive cars, show up at lavish parties where no expense is spared, and fly all over the country on private airplanes, the whole time telling the rest of us that if we don’t change our light bulbs and shut off our computers at night we’re going to bring about the end of civilization.

    I guess my opinion is obvious. They believe that they are superior to us “common folks” and that they are doing the right thing by raising awareness. We are greedy and selfish. They are wise and elite.

    The same holds true for someone who talks about the need to help starving children while wearing five thousand dollars worth of clothes and jewelry. Their message is honorable, but why do they not practice what they advocate?

  2. Sayid says:

    Thanks for those words. You tell a tale of truth only and only depict the one obvious fact, that all of those who talk about world peace and energy conservation are all but hypocrites. Do what you know is right and find peace in what you love. Besides we live life but once.

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