Seismic Activity Graph is Lighting up 3-22-11

I just thought I would show you folks the seismic activity that is going on today. When I looked at this morning around 4 am all was calm. Barely any activity at all. Now if you look at the link, you will see the whole thing is going pretty crazy like the photo below. This is just the top clip from the link. Some are actually showing much stronger activity. 

The day the big quake hit Japan they were all pretty much blacked out like someone rang a bell in inner earth. I have no idea if anything is brewing or if we should be concerned, but I thought I would give a heads up anyway as it came pretty alive in less then 12 hours.

See the whole graph HERE

Source: ATS
To obtain real-time earthquake lists easily, you can click here to download a USGS Google Earth KML file and open it with Your Google Earth desktop application.
If you don’t yet have a Google Earth application, you can click here for instant access.

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