Osama’s gang threatens Veena Malik

March 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

Veena Malik performing at the Lux Style Awards...

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Veena Malik, who became a household name after appearing on the Indian reality show, has received death threats from Taliban.

She is in possession of a letter (a copy of which is available with TOI) by Maulana Masood, Mujaheddin leader connected with Osama bin Laden, accusing her of humiliating Islam and Pakistan’s name during her stay in the Bigg Boss’ house. The helpless model-turned-TV star has decided to seek asylum in other countries.

The actress who cosied up with male contestants on the show and flaunted her curves unabashedly was criticised by the media in her country. Says the defiant girl, “I’m an artist and I would have felt guilty if I had done something wrong, but I haven’t. I have worn the same clothes in Pakistan and behaved in the same fashion back home, so suddenly what’s my fault? I cannot be issued death threats for participating in a TV show in India.”

“We are neighbours for God’s sake and artists should have no boundaries to worry about.”

Veena, who is currently shooting a cricket show for an Indian TV news channel says, “I went back to Pakistan knowing the repercussions of my vibe on the show, but I never thought in my wildest of dreams that I would have to contemplate about leaving my country, my birthplace. Right now, I’m being forced to think about seeking asylum. Now that even my parents are being threatened, I don’t see how we can continue to stay in Pakistan.”

Source: Veena Malik.

Tired of the accusation on Immoral Behaviour by Pakistani Clerics, she stands up to the charges by agreeing to appear in an interview with one of the Mullahs as co-guest who wishes to publicly chastise her.

“There are Islāmic Clerics Who Rape the Children They Teach in Their Mosques” she addressed Mullah Mufti Abdul Qavi.

Personally i don’t see why she’s been persecuted. She has enough reason to even throw back a finger at Mufti Abdul. Though Islam as a Religion has its set of Laws which are best understood within its context and not without, she has however done her best to keep up to its dictates within its confines both in Pakistan and at India as she says. Being an entertainer and an actress and being born into Islam, such oppressions will forever exist if and only if the Laws regarding Women and what they are supposed to do/not to do are not redefined.

What’s your take???


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