Taboo: Masculine Initiation

March 17, 2011 § 3 Comments

Saw this on Youtube and it freaked me out. Yeah, there are several forms of Initiation into Manhood respective to the several cultures which exist in Africa. But this particular one is not Normal At All. I’ll prefer Circumcision to this. lol

What’s your take?


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§ 3 Responses to Taboo: Masculine Initiation

  • Paul says:

    what the fuck is all this. Better let me not be a man.

  • le bebe says:

    u knw wat?i’m tongue tide cause i don’t even knw where to start.i doubt if these funani’s are human beings.after all what the europeans have brought to africa as civilisation,these pple have refused to embrace dat system.whateva be the case they do wat they think is ryt 4 dem.

    • it’s their culture and we need to pay respect to it. The fact that they have refused westernization doesn’t make them aliens. If you’ll notice, westernization has done more harm than good to the African society. The western world is an exploitative and manipulative type of world were the norms and values of life are so belittled.

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