JAPAN 8.9 earthquake By HAARP?

Cover of "The Core (Widescreen Edition)"
Cover of The Core (Widescreen Edition)

Before watching the Video below, be sure to understand what HAARP is all about and it’s potentials. If you haven’t please click here.

The video is an extract from the movie – The Core (2003). Note that entertainment, not matter its form be it Music, Movies, Shows, what ever, have a purpose and they are produced in a well controlled environment. The each have meanings which the pass on. But because they are just seen as entertainment, our subconscious mind doesn’t register these meanings because we believe they are just movies and talking about Witchcraft out of the Harry Potter series will be seen as insane because a greater bulk of people will see it as just “a movie”.

If you’ve already watched this movie, i’ll say you are at an advantage because you’ll get to see what you didn’t notice. After watching this, will you give the 8.9 Earthquake on Japan a second thought? As a means to take out their main source energy, their Nuclear Power plants? Well they actually did succeed in taking out some and repeating the World War 2 incident on Hiroshima and Nagasaki with the A-Bomb by the U.S again.

Food For Thought – Can you explain why Birds and Fish die in BULK at times? Remember that these creatures live in mediums of nature, Atmosphere and Water.


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