Balikumbats Raze Bambalang Houses, Loot, Kill Two

March 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

Some Balikumbat indigenes March 6 reportedly burnt hundreds of houses, destroyed and looted property and killed scores of animals in neighbouring Bambalang village. Several people who spoke to The Post in Bambalang on March 7, talked of two dead, several wounded and thousands left homeless. They also talked of looting of domestic animals like pigs, goats and fowls, in addition to household property like mattresses.

Meanwhile, the Commander of the Gendarmerie Brigade in Bambalang said six people were wounded and one man was missing. One Nkiambouh Yacuba told The Post that he saw two corpses but could identify only one whom he named as Emmanuel Fumepuh, a businessman in Bambalang. According to Yacuba, a student teacher at GTTC Ndop, the raid by Balikumbats subjects can be linked to remote as well as immediate causes.

Yacuba said the immediate cause was when on March 5, a group of people arrived in Bambalang from Balikumbat with the objective of celebrating the anniversary of a Balikumbat notable, who died some 10 years ago and was buried in Bambalang. Yacuba said the Balikumbat people started firing guns on Bambalang soil which was against the customs and tradition of the Bambalang people. “As a result, Bambalang people tried stopping them from firing their guns, leading to some confrontation,”  Yacuba  narrated.

Source: The Post


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