Eminem seeks self control!!!

February 24, 2011 § 4 Comments

There is the widespread belief that almost all artist in the American Music industry have actually sold their souls to the devil ( the Illuminati) in exchange for their greatest dream, FAME. Eminem, like most other artists sold his soul for fame, money and a luxurious life. Now he regrets his deeds and is presently seeking for means to leave this occult group  though he knows there’s no turning back. These artist act and live their lives under the influence of the Illuminati when they sell themselves to it.

Fans of Eminem who don’t just follow-up the beats but pay attention to the lyrics will definitely testify that he in most of his hit songs, says crazy stuff about the devil, his life, his best friend Proof ( may his soul R.I.P), fame, his soul and many other stuff. He went through a serious depression after the death of his best friend Proof, claimed to have been killed by the Illuminati, the same cult he had joined. He turned to drugs for a long while. During this depression, he got into serious thinking and decided to get back the control of his life which was at the mercy of the cult he had joined. To watch the story about his depression, click here.

One of the songs in his most recent album, “Recovery” ( the name speaks for itself) which i will like to use as an example to illustrate his visions of his future is “Not Afraid”. Though the video doesn’t have lots of signs as such, unlike the “Power” video by Kanye West, the lyrics tell a whole lot of a story. The lyrics have been explained and you can get the explanation by clicking here.

Another song,  “25 to life” which people commonly misjudge him to talking about his wife, even me, is talking about his steps to getting control over his life once again. ( Caution, please don’t just fall in love with the beats of music, get the lyrics and try to question and get meaning from what it talks. Be objective).


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