Cameroonians are called up to Rise!!!

February 24, 2011 § 9 Comments

I’m loving the speech in English. Damn!!!!


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§ 9 Responses to Cameroonians are called up to Rise!!!

  • Daisy says:

    Its Not time for anything. People should not ask Biya to leave when they do not have plans on what to do with the country after he has left. There is a whole system which has been created from the moment the colonial masters came. When Biya leaves what happens greater instability and what else drastic drop in the prices of Agricultural products which is the main source of income in most African countries and Cameroon alike. Till someone who has a strategy comes up people should not instigate strike and cause the economy disappear when we don’t even have one. Cameroon is an Oasis of Peace in a desert of Turbulence we have survived lets continue to do so Justice will take its course as Omma Bongo died so will Biya die.

    • Lebs says:

      Like your speech(lol). Getting serious, you have made a great point. Yea we actually need a leader to pull this thing off so that we don’t run into an economic recession. But there are many sacrifices to this and like they say nothing good comes easy or rather, there can’t be a reformation without a decline in the standards of the society. eg, The French Revolution. Well, let time take its course and let’s see what goes down.

    • lebebe says:

      this is very true my seem to know your country so well.we should stop running our mouths cause even if the war starts cameroonians are lazy pple and will not be able to fight cause we all are we should all wait till biya dies and see next will happen.

  • Daisy says:

    We are not in The 1800’s where they used Dane guns to fight. This is the 20th century with advanced Military technology with Cameroon is able to acquire since thats the only thing that seems to be having development. an the attention of the government civilians will be wiped out only in a matter of time. If The military could fire tear gas at students during the last UB strike then what more of now.

    • Lebs says:

      My dear there’s a lot at stake if something goes down. Don’t be surprised that the Police might join the Civilians against E.S.I.R and B.I.R. if there’s going to be an uprising in the country. You sure can imagine how that will look like.

      • ernest carlos says:

        I think it is time for the different forces created by Biya to protect his dictorial regime, to come together against him because they are not tools. These are human beings that have been placed at loggerheads to fight and kill their own brothers. So I will ask those belonging to the various battalions to think twice before attacking any demonstrator. This is because, a demonstrator is someone who is not only fighting for his, but for right of so many un-known people. He is fighting even for the rights of a police, Gendarme,Army as well as BIR, and their children. So we should come to our senses and join the Revolution, because Cameroonians have had enough.

        • Lebs says:

          My dear friend, however the situation may arise, God’s will shall be done! Speaking of a protest, it’s advisable that there be a promising leader who will lead this operation. If there’s isn’t any leader, then we just might be making things a lot more worse. We don’t have an economy to begin with and with a situation like this, we will run into a serious economic slump which will be so detrimental to our society. So, don’t just think and search for a quick solution, but a wise one.

  • pinkie says:

    u kno wat i think d whole of Africa is struggling for liberation from “secondary ” colonial masters and just as all African countries finally gained independence, our turn will come. We might just be fighting Biya and heading for worse times.

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