The Music Industry Exposed!! – Illuminati

Can’t say much. Just watch and see. Then realise how the Illuminati can get down into the heads of little innocent ones through the use of “lyrics”. There are 11 parts and please do take time to watch them all then make you judgements on subjective basis.

(Note, they might not play on the site because of certain restrictions. So it’s OK to follow them to You tube. Thanks)


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  1. Sergio Day says:

    Dear Lebs295,
    Neat Post, Is there such a thing as a secret society? Singers such as Rihanna, Beyonce, Lady Gaga have all shown illuminati symbols in there music videos. Can someone tell me the purpose of this because if they’re trying to convert us or something it’s not working at all because i’m not affected even though I listen to their music. Although it seems too hard to believe that such a thing exist. Watch THE MUSIC INDUSTRY EXPOSED on youtube or go to if you don’t know what i’m talking about.
    I look forward to your next post

    1. Sayid says:

      thanks fer dropping Sergio!! You make good points and great indeed on how you bring them up. Fer a start, if you believe the devil exist, then know that these secret societies really do exist. Talking about music and conversion, that’s more of mind control and depending and yer IQ you won’t fall a victim. But the young ones of now-a-days really haven’t got much of an option, or do day?? Not just the Music Industry but Disney, Hollywood, the Media are all tools used to send out messages though not seen clearly., I’ll recommend anyone who really wants to know what the Illuminati is and how you can identify them to visit it. Seriously, it’s an awesome treat!!!

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