Michael Jackson Warns of 2012!!!

This is the original insignia of the Bavarian ...
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What could this mean?  There have been many stories, many postulation and beliefs around the year of 2012. Herein, MJ warns about that same year. Question? What’s going to happen in that year or is it fake? Remember also that MJ’s death was said to have been caused by the Illuminati. So could this be real?

There are other several videos which set out to proof the point that a conspiracy was behind the death of MJ. I decided however to use this one by Jermaine Jackson because he talks about the various times MJ was tried out in court and the several aims and reasons why MJ was sued. But he doesn’t actually make mention of who exactly is behind the conspiracy. Could the conspiracy be the Illuminati as seen in other videos or just the U.S government. In the video below, you’ll see how Jermaine expresses himself on the issues regarding his brother’s death.


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