Is this Fact or Fiction? You be the Judge.

Watching these videos gave me the creeps on how the Catholic Bible can be interpreted. To some extent, I am indeed impressed. To another extent, I cast a lot of doubt to the reality these two videos portray.

Watching these videos is at your own discretion for you Catholic Christians. But if you are from some other denomination, feel free. You just might learn a little more.

This first video is the first part of it all.

This here is the second video.

Science plays a very grave roll in trying to question and disprove the works of God.  But this here is different. From the knowledge gathered from the above videos, the interpretation is basically literal, more on the basis of proving facts.  Several questions pop-up. Are the facts, signs and stories true? Is this a reality or not?

Well all i can say is, lets wait and see whether our present Pope, Benedict XVI ( who according to Part 2 is the 7th on the list) will last long or not and who will eventually take after him.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Daisy says:

    This is just misinterpretation of the bible plus prophecy.

  2. Polus Prutus says:

    Awesome. I think it is just coincidence

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