I really don’t know why, neither can i say why.  I really can’t say all, same as i do not have anything at all to say on this one. It’s so confusing, so frustrating, unbelievable and more like a dead-end where you see no other possible route to explore or create to venture.

Just like a dream where you don’t know how you got there but suddenly find yourself in a well furnished luxurious suite and the next minute, it’s like another Pandora Tomorrow scene where you don’t know whether or not your mission will be successful, man is ever so changing.

Despite all facts, one evident fact remains; Man never fails his task of being complex. In simple terms the fact that man has many several forms and can portray them in many ways does not only bring out the cunning nature of man, or the unreliability, but the Inconsistent nature which defines all beings.

There as such are some questions which can be asked whereas there are other questions which need not be put forth at all. Man’s nature should not be questioned cause today it’s one way and tomorrow another.

Be happy with the friends/acquaintances you make today and be happier if you see them tomorrow as you saw them yesterday. Be happiest if they stay a life long time. Don’t get upset if what is today isn’t tomorrow. Rather be grateful that you had the chance cause what is today, definitely won’t be tomorrow.


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  1. Daisy says:

    Hey Bro i love this one but the thing i want you to know is that what Humans perceive is not what actually is. I had this topic in philosophy and the author of a papers said God may have put us in this world and may have arranged our thoughts and every other thing for us to see it the way we see it. Amazed about everything dis guy wrote and i knew it wasn’t true but i couldn’t prove him otherwise so i let things be the way they are but one thing i didn’t let this man take were the memories i have. I may not have lived this life or God may have just put me into this world when i was 19 to start living but i have loved it. I have realized the complex nature of human beings is needed cause if everyone was the same then i wonder what the world will be. The memories of the friends i have ,the experiences i have gone through is not one am trading for anything.I know that getting angry in a world i know is full of complex human beings is a waste of time. I am living life to the fullest and keeping those who matter to me engraved on heart and giving my soul to God. I have optimism as an attitude cause as you said the world is definitely full of complex people so you don’t know tomorrow so why bother just go a happy person and trust me the world needs more smiles than unhappy faces. Today is gud but tomorrow is definitely better.

    1. Lebs says:

      My dear Daisy, i indeed am Happy for you and I really as well am happy that you don’t see need questioning the complex nature of man. Having a life of joy and happiness is indeed difficult but if you put your head to it, you’ll get it. God bless you dear.

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