Time does not heal a Broken Heart.

Fifty-five: light
Image by meganknight via Flickr

When hurting, the most common statement or cliché used to help one who is hurting is “Time heals all wounds”. You are told to hang in there, pit a smile on your face and wait, for time will anesthetize your pain and hurt. But those who coin rules and clichés about loneliness are happy and unhurt people who have never actually felt the kind of hurt you feel when in pain. It sounds good to hear that with time, all hurt goes away, but it is not so true.

When you are hurting, time only magnifies the pain. Days, weeks and months may go by, but the agony hangs on. The hurting won’t go away, no matter what the calendar says. The role of time with hurt is it only pushes the pain deeper down memory lane. Sad enough, one tiny event or memory similar to what you had experienced can make everything resurface in greater deal and it may hurt much more than it did before.

Truthfully, it doesn’t help much, either, to know that others have suffered before you down through the past. You can identify with the sufferings of others, for instance Biblical characters, who survived tremendous ordeals of pain. But knowing that others have gone through great battles doesn’t calm the hurt in your bosom. When you discover how they came out victoriously from their trials, and you still haven’t, it only adds your hurt. It makes you feel like they were so special or lucky.

They key to a successive outbreak or victory is seeking God‘s guidance through prayers. When you turn God, with a sincere heart, He’ll make sure that he see’s you through your pain. Remember that God is a merciful Father and will never love seeing his child go through pain and will not bring you out glorified. Turn to God when you have your problems and He’ll work out a miracle.


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  1. roughcoin says:

    i say oh boy this one na which can of thing

  2. dkatt says:

    I saw your link on bandit874’s post, it’s interesting because I was involved with this man and he by far was one of the worst men I have ever known. He did so many bad things to me I could write a book. It’s ludicrous to see him now posting things about God and how spiritual he is. I can’t believe anyone would let him preach anywhere. Any way, God sees through the hypocrisy I’m sure.

    1. Lebong says:

      i’m glad you got to see and read my post. Hope you learned a thing or two. Well Life and its processes don’t usually end up the way we want. So you really need to know that Life and Man are always Inconsistent cause the moment you try to get answers to a certain pertinent problem, life changes its patterns and you now become a chaser to answers which you probably might never get them. Peace and God bless and guide your ways. Could you please give me the link to the post so that i read it? thanks

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