Broken Hearts are meant to be!!

October 12, 2010 § 15 Comments

The general conception about broken hearts is always about love and relationships. When someone says his/her heart has been broken, cramped up or something similar to that, he/she usually refers to falling out with a partner. There are several raison d’être about why we have broken hearts all the time. It ain’t all about a love life as such.

What do I mean by broken hearts? By this, a broken heart (or heartbreak) is a common metaphor used to describe the intense emotional pain or suffering one feels after losing a loved one, through death, divorce, breakup, moving, being rejected, or other means. Heartbreak is usually associated with losing a spouse or loved one, though losing a parent, child, pet, or close friend can also “break one’s heart”. Although “heartbreak” is usually a metaphor, there is a condition – appropriately known as “broken heart syndrome” – where a traumatizing incident triggers the brain to distribute chemicals that weaken heart tissue (Biology).

Here is how this thing works. From the very hour and day you were conceived, you were given a heart which was going to learn how to grow loving and caring for the people who are of great importance to you. When you were born, you didn’t just lie there in open air but in the arms of your mother. You then grow up to be nurtured and catered for by both your parents and relatives. Your heart is meant to love, reason why you develop relationships with your family at large and other people (your peers). Emotions must grow because you love.

What happens is this. When these relations get hurt or pass away, you too are hurt. Depending on the type of relationship you keep with them, their pain will be your pain. So every time they are hurt, you too suffer same. So with the loss of either a father, mother, brother, sister, pet, …, or whatever you cherished most, you’ll evidently have a broken heart and it’ll always leave a permanent mark. As long as you get hurt, you get a broken heart. Pain and depressions are good symptoms of broken hearts.

Most people do not see it this way. They consider heart breaks with mainly broken relationships (Break Ups), which is just one of the parts that form all our life relations. This type of heart-break is common and unavoidable among the adventurous teens and youth of now-a-days. Generally speaking, a heart-break should NOT only be looked at from one point of view. Have you ever lost a person you held up so close at heart and you did not feel the pain? Have you ever wondered why the hurt is unavoidable?

Our hearts therefore are meant to be broken whenever and by whatever means because they were made to love and it’s an eternally given gift for us to cherish. There will always be sad times.

Do not get to misjudge the facts of hearts are meant to love and hearts are meant to be broken. Our hearts are made to love, but broken hearts – though are meant to be – do not last because there is a recovery process, a stage where we get to accept the factors leading to our hurt and realise that these things actually happen and are unavoidable.

We can’t avoid them!!!


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§ 15 Responses to Broken Hearts are meant to be!!

  • dude get real! hearts are meant to be broken. then why have them at all(hearts as in emotional capability)? wouldn’t it be better off to just be some grouchy old stoic than feel any emotion at all? my point, we feel emotions so we can overcome our endless pains and grow humanely, in heart as well as mind.

    • lebs295 says:

      hey dwag!! what the hell did you think i was saying. we are on the same page here and not on separate files. lol. hearts are meant to be broken dude. yup. that’s it.

  • Drizzy lovetz says:

    We all are human beings on this earth.From the word “human”, already expresses our weakness and faibility,therefore we must be broken hearted. We can’t run away from it.The only and possible solution is trying to fill up the broken heart after being broken.We are created to pass through broken heartedness and happiness.

  • mabel says:

    hearts are meant to be broken for us to know how the world works,to make us strong,especially when we lost those very dear to us.break ups do not really mean broken hearts because we make up with orders after every break up.

  • Emmanuel Happi Ngankou says:

    Indeed you speak well my friend!!! I agree for the most you write if not all. Broken hearts are actually meant to be. This is a very powerful aspect of philosophy I am glad you dared to venture into exploration. Mind not the youths, the exuberance of their hearts causes them to inappropriately prioritize or categorize the happenings in their lives that affect their hearts. Can we blame them? They invest themselves rather blindly if not to say foolishly into relationships that almost certainly will be bound to fail. They become hard hearted and adopt ways of thinking that honour them in no manner! Next thing they find themselves “breaking others hearts” in the futile quest for revenge (what a fool’s errand). It’s an infernal cycle that goes on there.
    We must learn to embrace the febrile nature of our hearts and the uncertain nature of human relationships.
    I speak a lot! How possible is that? I must admit it requires a lot. Does everyone have the ability and/or the will to offer that lot? Well that is an issue that conditions how well one goes about these “heart breaks” (at the individual level)

  • ben says:

    i like the way u put u argument but there a few things i dont totally agree with.
    love by itself; be it for ones friends or family or is just one of those things we cant rily xplain. ur rationale 4 why youths indulge into relationships of the heart is rather flimsy if i must say. youthful exuberance, foolishness and even ignorance. common man thats a very absurd thing to say. the old with all their wisdom still get broken hearts. I utterly condemn any attack on the search of happiness that unfortunately ends in broken hearts. hearts were divinely made to love but unfortunately they get broken from time to time; a reality and an a ugly truth we must accept. hearts get broken but they were not made to be broken but to love and only love; to love our neigbours as we love ourself.

    • lebs295 says:

      Hey Benny m’boy, yup hearts were meant to love though sadly enough, they are always broken whether irrespective of the type of relationship being questioned. it’s an unavoidable truth as you say. that’s true and that’s what i wanted you to see. my rationale into why we youth indulge ourselves into to secondary relationships isn’t flimsy, why?? we are very adventurous at this stage so it’s but normal that we do. Tell me you don’t have a gurl now and i’ll object. or cud you tell me why you indulged yourself into it??? lol. we all have our views and i thank you for showing me yours. i’ll confess i’ve learned a lil something different from that argument you put up there. lol.

  • enaw becky-tracey says:

    your points are interesting but to an extent i dont agree to d fact dat wen you are hurt ur heart is broken. we take for a case where d love was not reciprocal dere wont be any broken heart. the young nowadays take love for fun so breaking with someone will mean nothing to them. still i like ur point of view. they are quite great. keep up

    • lebs295 says:

      Becky, thanks for talking. but there’s one thing you need to see. as you say, what if the love isn’t reciprocated?? he/she who isn’t reciprocating is free from this. but he/she who gives and doesn’t receive in return becomes hurt. am i wrong with that??? no. so there always will be a fortunate/unfortunate scape goat. lol. thanks any way for the remarks dear.

  • Gilbert says:

    Great piece Lebs! I however have some doubts regarding your view that… “The phrase refers to the physical pain one may feel in the chest as a result of the loss.” I just feel the loss of someone or something we love dearly would lead to us suffering emotional pain rather than physical pain.

  • ben says:

    lebs the point on people`s rationale for indulging into relationships was cited by ngankou not u.sorrry 4

  • Ngunyi Sandra says:

    broken hearts for real?anyhu the blog is kinda neat.

  • ALIVEalways says:

    500 Days of Summer
    Only answer I got to you all.

  • Heart will be broken but they also will heal over time. Sometimes it is good for a heart to be broken to see things in a different perspective of things.

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