Seasons of Life.

October 11, 2010 § 10 Comments

There is a generality in the mannerism in which we live our day-to-day lives here on earth. There are sunny days, gloomy days and sometimes you’re just so indifferent with virtually every decision or action you take.

These Seasons come along with how you develop them and grow with them. Depending on what you do and how you do it, you can make a single day a happy day with lots of golden memories to keep and share a life long time while that same day can end up a very miserable one.

However, there are two types of factors which influence the way these Seasons fluctuate. These factors are some how interwoven. Firstly, you have the Direct Influence Aspects (D.I.A), which deal with the individual and his actions, both intentional and non-intentional and secondly, you have the External Influence Aspects (E.I.A), which obviously deal with environmental aspects such as family, peers and everything external to the individual. What we must understand is that Man in all possible ways will seek for means to get a happy life. Joy and Peace are the best fruits of achieving a happy life, no matter your status in the society. Some will rather sacrifice a thing or two just to get happy while others may even get to extremes of doing right or wrong just to get happy.

The D.I.A is the most important in our lives because we have full access and control over it. With our behaviour patterns, actions and decisions, we shape how our lives turn out to be. We give it a route to follow. You want it good, you will get it and the same goes vice-versa. But then, this is the part of life which faces the greatest challenges of both factors. A slight error in whatever decision or action you take can become very fatal to your personality and life stand. You may fall into severe depressions and live the rest of your life regretting the action you took. We therefore must uphold this aspect with great degrees of importance.

The E.I.A is all about how the environment influences our behaviour, actions and decisions. We must also note here that we Humans are not islands and can never stand alone in a society. We are born into a society and must interact with our environment (society) in order to survive. These factors have a range of elements ranging from your family background, your peers, your life partners, etc. However their influence on you the individual all depends on whether you flow with its changing winds of time and space or you stand your ground in certain areas. Its influence therefore isn’t so direct as the above because you decide whether or not to accept its influence. You also cannot avoid its existence.

A lot more can be said about those aspects. But briefly said, you can of course make meaning of what these Seasons are and how you can control and change them. Life at any times can become difficult same as it can become easy. Good or Bad, they are Seasons of life. It all depends on how you take on life and adjust to its seasons.


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§ 10 Responses to Seasons of Life.

  • Sayid says:

    Pretty interesting bro. Thumbs up!!!

  • ndem nora says:

    hmmm..guess i’ve been a victim once so i know how it realy could hurt…mannn it wasn’t easy getting over was the first eva….but i dont know one thing and i got this quest…wc one do u thinkhurts most…a fractured heart from a family love one or one from ur guy/babe?

  • lebs295 says:

    My dear, i’ll prefer one from an external relation and not my family. though the problems can be resolved, a lot of damage will be done. rather with your guy, you can break up for good and never get back.

  • Emmanuel Happi Ngankou says:

    Perfect synthesis of the issue my friend!!!!!We are who/what we are from within and without. That actually makes me go sad at times because we see so many people overtaken by their very own within (D.I.A) which ironically-as you predict-they are supposed to control. Some just let all go loose without any control and there we observe an apauling decadence in the morality and ethics of our soceity across all domains and strata! In the same light, the without (E.I.A) is no kid and demands alot of effort to master; how many have fallen along the path as a result of “negative” peer pressure?
    A balance must be struck! Once again I talk a lot! The question is recurrent; how many can give and/or are willing to give that lot to balance the Seasons of their lives?

  • lebs295 says:

    Thanks for that rich briefing you put up there. Like you say, a balance must be attained dear friend. Nothing as such is impossible. Giving up is neither an option. Thanks bro.

  • nadia says:

    well.i think u re an intellectual. its rilly cool bc its helping me in all wat iam goin thru rite nw. this is great work.

  • Brenda says:

    am really impressed with they way u think. Thumbs Up! Am looking forward reading more stuff from ur blog

  • erico says:

    men u re realy keepx ur star shinning

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