How much is loving too Much??? – My Answer

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Rather than getting to explain what love means, for its obvious that an average 15-year-old will know what it means, I’ll just get down to explaining the big deal. This question of how much is loving too much, is one of the many questions that have plagued the minds of the young now-a-days.

What then is loving? To love entails that one shows fine persona to the other which can be termed as”being affectionate”. Being affectionate to your partner is one of the keys that drive a relationship onwards. It as such is a way of expressing oneself to the other on pleasantry terms.

Affection, when taken to an extent becomes a problem. Like the saying goes, ” too much of everything can make you sick”. In loving you must be affectionate what then happens when you take it to an extreme ( loving too much) ? The short story beneath will give a guide line as to what loving too much or being hyper affectionate means.

“I am a 25-year-old woman with a 29-year-old fiance. My problem is that he is constantly saying ‘I love you’ to me. You think this is not such a bad thing? How about 12 to 15 times an hour? He also expects me to say it back to him, like some robotic response, but I refuse to say it constantly because I feel it decreases the meaning of the statement. I have explained this to him, and he said, ‘but it’s nice to hear it too’. The more I refuse to repeat it to him each time he says it, the more he keeps saying it. What is wrong with him?”

From the above, it’s important to note the speaker’s problem. It can be seen that the 29-year-old man loves his fiancée, but he is being too affectionate by his constant nagging with the statement “I love you”. The effect on his fiancée is negative cause she’s being bugged. She’s not appreciating the fact that he keeps repeating it. He is damaging the relationship.

The idea of getting to hear that statement a lot can actually make you sick. Contrarily it’s not possible not telling your partner that you love him/her because it’ll spark off another problem in the long run. Those words and nice and loving to hear most especially when they are HONEST, but bores when you get it a lot.

One last thing, the aspect about love is that it’s of an eternal origin, it’s an eternal virtue. It therefore can’t be measured for it’s a gift. Loving too much will therefore be the manner in which we use this gift eternally given to us of which is a bad thing on the grounds of AFFECTION.

To love therefore is not bad but to love too much is bad. Concluding, this answers the question. Loving too much is BAD.


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  1. Nabs says:

    am luvx this rilli…inspiratnal..kip up wiv em talents

  2. ben says:

    thing is ur xample is rily one of those xtremes .12-15 times an hour is absurd, also sayin` i love u is not thesame as loving someone equally sayin` i love u several times in an hour does not imply loving or not to talk about loving to much.anyways am lovin` u work bro

    1. lebs295 says:

      lol. it cud be at the extremes but it’s just that way to make you see how bad it can get if it gets to the extremes. saying it on a gradual regular basis as you propose is so ok by me. thanks man.

  3. ngami priscilla says:

    wow this is real gr8 hope this will help us

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